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Cloakroom Management System

A cloakroom, or coatroom, is a room for people to hang their cloaks or other outerwear when they enter a building. Cloakrooms are regularly found inside large buildings, such as Colleges, schools, temples, churches, shopping malls and meeting halls etc. Cloakrooms are personnel rooms where luggage and bags can be stored securely. Typically, a ticket or receipt is given to the customer, with a reciprocal ticket attached to the apparel or item. Coat checks are often found at the entrances of restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, Meeting halls, orb museums.

cloak rooms are available in all bus stands, shopping malls, railway stations, hospitals etc where customers or visitors or passengers can keep their bags and things for a particular time. Some of the cloak rooms have 24-hour protected facilities, while the smaller ones work from morning to evening. A clerk collects the luggage from the passengers or visitors or customers.The locked luggage is received and a receipt is given, note the date and time. The luggage is then stored in the cloak room. Customers or visitors or Passengers are advised that not to store valuable things. On return, customers show their receipt then pay the amount to the clerk, and collect their luggage.