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Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application testing is a process of application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its performance, usability and consistency. Mobile application testing can be manual or automated type of testing.

Mobile applications either pre-installed or can be installed from the mobile software distribution platforms. Mobile devices have supported a outstanding growth in the past few years.Android & iOS both are the most trendy mobile OS. There are millions of apps designed for these platforms that need to be tested.The increasing number of mobile app business is totally into consumers hand; consumers decide which mobile application to rock or which to throughout.

* Variety of Mobile Devices: Mobile devices are different in screen input methods with different hardware capabilities.
* Diversity in Mobile Platforms: There are several mobile operating systems in the market. The major operating systems are Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian,and BlackBerry. Each operating system has its own limitations. Testing a single application over the multiple devices working on the same platform and every platform poses a unique challenge for testers.
* Device Availability: Collect to the right set of devices when there is an ever-growing list of devices and operating system version is a permanent mobile application testing challenge. Access to devices can become even more challenging, if testers are spread over the different locations.
* Mobile network operators: There are various mobile network operators in the world out of which some are CDMA, some GSM, whereas other can use common network standards like FOMA, and TD-SCDMA. Each network operator uses a different kind network framework and this control the flow of information.
* Scripting: The variety of devices makes executing a test script a key challenge. As devices differ in keystrokes, input methods, menu structure and display properties in single script does not work on every device.
* Choosing how to test: There are two main ways of mobile testing applications. Testing on emulators or Testing on real devices. Unfortunately, neither method is flawless