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Oracle database
An Oracle is a database nothing but collection of total data treated as a unit. The advantage of a database is to store and retrieve related information based on the requirement of the user. Due to many advantages and features of Oracle, it is popular and used by largest enterprise software companies. It comes with newer versions with new features included in new version while the features of previous versions still being allowed. Oracle is best suitable for almost all large applications specifically for banks.

The main advantage of oracle over the other databases is the concept of Flashback technology. We all know that data is the heart of any application or software or organization .so it requires careful and security maintenance. But sometimes application interruption can occur and mostly DBA claim the reasons for this as hardware failure, human errors like unexpected deletion of valuable data, deleting the wrong data, or dropping the wrong table. So it is mandatory to take care of such situation and this is done in oracle’s latest technology called flash. Flash technology helps in recovery by working just on the changed data. Thus Flashback provides an
* Efficient recovery from human errors
* Faster database recovery
* Helps in simplifying the management and administration processes

Oracle DBA
Every database requires at least one database administrator  to administrate it. Because an Oracle database system can be large and can have many users, often this is not a one person job. In such cases, there is a group of DBAs who share responsibility.
* Relational Databases
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* Oracle DBA Duties

Oracle Apps
Oracle Applications means software that helps us to run our enterprise businesses such as Accounting, Humans Resource, or Financials. But the Oracle Applications Server is the technology that, mostly installs on the server, integrates others software to work together. It can be called Middleware.
* Oracle Fusion Applications
* Oracle E-Business Suite
* PeopleSoft Enterprise
* Siebel
* JD Edwards Enterprise One
* JD Edwards World
* Hyperion
* Master Data Management