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Peoplesoft ERP

PeopleSoft is a leading provider of business application software and claims to be the only software company to provide people soft solutions purely over the Internet for Fortune 1000 corporations. PeopleSoft originally offered human resources and Account Related applications. Over the years, it has developed tools and applications for general business processes such as Accounts management and E-business solutions in addition to applications for specific industries, such as the Finance, Intenet applications

PeopleSoft is an integrated software package that provides a wide Range of applications to assist in the day-to- day and month to month and year to year execution and operation of business processes. Each application, such as Accounts, Client and customer Relationship Management and Hr, interacts Management and reporting in an integrated fashion across the enterprise

PeopleSoft Applications are used for more than 24 industries? From industrial manufacturing and goods to Accounts services, Hospitals, and public sector organizations. PeopleSoft applications is open technology, enabling easy integration and easy to use with third-party applications and legacy systems. And PeopleSoft’s is the best overall user experience at the lowest cost of ownership.