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Pega is the software for patron centricity. Many of the world’s leading organizations use Pega to drive revenue growth, improve customer experience, and complement operational efficiency. Pega’s unified offering is recognized by industry accountants a leader in CRM, BPM, case management and business rules. Pega’s software complements existing systems and offers a wide range of industry applications create accelerate time to market.

Pega is a employment Process Management tool. It is developed on Java and uses OOP and java concepts. And the big advantage is we don't have to have to frame the system from the scratch like any current programming. It is becoming popular because of that, though most conventional programmers would disagree.

Pega Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) delivers a cooperative platform for automating and optimizing entity and underlying celebration onboarding and maintenance, regulatory KYC and due diligence compliance and reporting, credit risk orchestration, and fulfillment for accounts, products, and patron mandates.