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.NET is a software development platform which was developed by Microsoft. It runs on Microsoft Windows operating system. .NET serves tools and libraries that empower developers to develop applications easily, quickly and securely. Microsoft was announced .NET Core in an effort to include cross-platform that support for .NET, the source release of Microsoft's CoreCLR implementation.

.NET Includes the following Modules. Those are
* C#.NET

.NET Features

The common language runtime in .NET framework manages memory, thread execution, code execution, code safety verification, compilation, and other system services.

Security: With regards to security, managed components are awarded continuing degrees of trust, depending on a number of elements that include the Internet, enterprise network, A managed component may or may not be able to perform file-access operations, registry-access operations, even if it is being used in the same active application also. The runtime enforces code access security. The security features of the runtime thus provide certain Internet-deployed software to be exceptionally feature rich.

Robust: The run time also provide robustness by implementing a strict type-and-code-verification infrastructure called the common type system (CTS). The CTS provide that all managed code is self-describing.. This means that managed code can exhaust other managed types and details, while strictly accomplish type constancy and safety.

Memory Management: The managing environment of the run time, erase many common software problems. For example, the run time accordingly manages references to objects and object layout , releasing them when they are no longer being used. This automatic memory management system resolves the two common application errors are invalid memory references and memory leaks.

Productivity: The run time also expedites developer productivity. For example, programmers can also write applications in their development language , the class library, and components written in other languages by other developers. Any compiler dealer who choose to target the run time can do so. While the run time is designed for the software of the future purpose, it also supports software for today and yesterday.